Until the Vehicle Arrives

In our company, employees go to the site directly to ensure delivery of customers valuable vehicles,

and check the vehicle with our eyes.


This page provides a brief explanation of the private import of used cars by the most customers. 

Vehicle Selection

At first, we will the vehicle exact customers want in brand-new or used car, around the world. 

So, you will be able to get the vehicle with unavailable body paint, interior color, steering position, materials, wheels, and options in Japan.


Condition Check

In our company, employees go to the site directly to make customers feel relieved, and check the vehicle with our eyes.

We will check the detailed information such as documents, chassis number, condition of interior/exterior and the engine, then will tell you in real time if you wish.


Export to Japan

After final check of vehicle for export, we will arrange for sea or air transportation and carry out procedures such as export customs clearance.


Transport the vehicle by sea or air. It takes about two weeks to one month for this process.


When a ship or plane arrives in Japan, we will visit the port or airport for procedures such as landing and import customs clearance.

After condition confirmation, if there is no problem, it's time to delivery! (or adjustment for Japanese car safety test.)



For customers who have a designated maintenance factory, vehicles can be handed over when customs clearance is completed at the port or airport, if desired.


Adjustment for Safety Test

Not a few customers will be delivered after maintenance to enable public road travel in Japan.

Please feel free to contact us as we also accept parts replacement, computer coding, and so on.

Please feel free to contact us, even if you are just interested in importing cars a little bit.

We will respond shortly and politely.